Reduce the Risk and Flatten the Curve with a Healthy Workforce.

Use Rhonda to plan your data-driven, reliable approach to returning to work with a healthy workforce.

  • Make data-driven return to work decisions based on health assessment data
  • Gain instant insight into workforce resource availability and readiness
  • Relaunch operations safely and with confidence
  • Real-Time Workforce Readiness Data Visualizations
  • Daily Physical Wellness Check-in
  • COVID-19 Self-Assessment & Resources

“The experience our organization has had with Rhonda has been nothing but stellar. Our organization has been looking for a way to improve our employee communication and employee engagement, and Rhonda has been the platform that helped us do so. If you are looking for a way to communicate and improve your employee’s work experience Rhonda is the platform for you.”


Relaunch your operations safely & with confidence!

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