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Knowing how your employees feel is more important than ever

Employees are the backbone of every organization. Teams, groups, and organizations organizations of all sizes have difficulty knowing how their employees truly feel about their work and most companies are simply out of touch with how their employees truly feel.  

Most companies only do an employee survey once a year and once done, it is already obsolete.

Consider these stats:

47% of all employees across all organizations are not satisfied with their job.


Employee Sat study June 2019

Only 54% of employees even participate in surveys about employee satisfaction and most companies only do surveys once a year.


Employee Sat study June 2019

The creation of Rhonda


The concept of Rhonda came about inside of IMI which is North America’s largest installation company which provides technical resources and solutions to Amazon, Walmart and others. 

Given that the company was growing rapidly, the CEO wanted to have a regular pulse on employee satisfaction and chartered the internal IT team to build a solution that could make it easy for the leadership to always know how employees feel.  

Hear from Rudi Asseer, President and CEO of IMI, on why he created Rhonda

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The success of Rhonda inside IMI was stunning

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Now it's your turn to use Rhonda and see your company culture improve dramatically!