Rhonda creates exceptional experiences that improve company culture & performance.

Leverage Rhonda as a member of your team to provide experiential engagement and feedback to improve satisfaction, retention and increase your company culture score.

Improve Workforce Performance Rhonda

Rhonda is a valuable virtual member of your HR and management team who solves workforce problems with experiential engagement.

Secure, Flexible, Convenient & Integrated.

Engage Your Workforce The Way They Work Best

Rhonda communicates to your workforce using SMS on their mobile phone or through email. No learning curve to distract your employees.

No New Mobile Apps, No New Interfaces & No Training Required.

Measure & Monitor Workforce Performance.

How does your organization score?

Gauge the sentiment of your entire workforce, by team or location and individually.

How engaged are your employees?

Determine how engaged your employees are based on their participation in Rhonda campaigns and dialogs.

Are there trends impacting your business?

Analyze trends and gain insights into employee satisfaction and correlate them with company activities and events.

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