How do I tag a group of employees?

Step 1: Click People

Click into ‘People’ in the left navigation bar.

Step 2: Select Employees

Select all the employees you wish to tag.

Step 3: Actions

Once you have selected your desired employees, click “Actions” at the top right-hand corner. 

Step 4: Start ‘Apply Tags’ Action

In the Actions panel drop down select ‘Start’ on Apply Tags.

Step 5: Title goes here

A popup will appear, from there you will be able to add as many tags as needed for the employees selected.

  1. To add a tag you see in the list, simply click on the tag and it will drop down to your ‘Selected Tags’

    ** You will see in the above picture ‘Existing Tags’, these are the tags that were originally associated to the employees you selected.


  2. To search for a tag you do not see, use the search tool at the top of the popup and type in your tag name.  

Step 6: ‘Add Tags’

When you have completed selecting all the desired tag, click on ‘Add Tags’

The tags have now been added to your selected employees’ profiles.  👏