How do I tag a user?

  1. Click into ‘People’ in the left navigation bar.
  2. Search for the employee you want to tag.
  3. Open their profile.
  4. Click ‘Profile DNA’
  • To create a new tag, click “Create Custom Tag”.
  • Enter the name of the tag (ex. FIRST AID CERTIFIED).
  • Choose the tag setting (if you want all of your admins to be able to see the tag, choose the “Global” setting).
  • To add the tag to the user’s profile immediately click, “Yes, add to user’s profile”.
  1. To add an existing tag to a profile, start to type in the name in the box seen below.
  2. Once you see the suggested tag in the dropdown click “Add Tag”, followed by “ADD”

TADA 🎉! Your user is now tagged!