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An advanced  solution to improve your company culture.
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Pulses & Surveys

Pulses & Surveys give you the ability to poll your employees to gauge how they feel about a particular topic.  You have full flexibility of the frequency which you want to conduct a pulse whether one-time, every day, weekly or monthly.  You decide what’s best for your company. 

This is the best way to stay in tune with the pulse of your organization and of course, you can set up a pulse to track who should act if a not-so-positive response comes in.


Easily setup your pulse


You can easily setup your pulse by giving your pulse a name, selecting a template and deciding if you want the pulse to be anonymous or not.

Setup a one-time pulse or a recurring daily, weekly or monthly pulse.

Fill in the questions you want to ask.

Decide how you want to send the pulse via Email, SMS or the Rhonda mobile app. 

Watch the tutorial to learn more about how to send a pulse.


Get the big picture

MicrosoftTeams-image (36)

Review the results in the Rhonda dashboard – see the summary of all pulses or drill in to see a specific one. 

Note: If the pulse is anonymous, you will not see the names of responders

Take Action

People Smiling

Rhonda can notify you if a member on your  team submits a negative response. This will allow you to quickly speak with the employee, and figure out why they submitted a low response, and what you can do to help. 

After you review the overall results on your dashboard, you can determine what you need to improve in your company to improve your culture.

Read our blog for tips!

Job Screening

Screening is still the most time-consuming part of recruiting. Do more in less time with Rhonda. 

An average job opening receives 250 resumes and up to 88% of them are considered unqualified.  This means a recruiter spends a tremendous amount of time screening. Most job applicants don’t get any form of a reply from the company, that’s not good branding for a company trying to hire.  There is a better way with Rhonda!

Automatically screen every job applicant


Rhonda Pro Job Screening can do the following:


Quickly build a pre-screen skill set that you can apply per job opening


Create a custom URL or integrate into your existing hiring system to enable candidates to get screened


All applicants immediately get a response on behalf of the company


Those that pass a set criteria can move to the next level (an advanced screening or interview)

Onboarding New Hires   (COMING SOON)

Your new employee onboarding experience is a magic moment that can solidify a positive impression on them that can stay with them for the duration of their career.

Many employers overwhelm new hires with boatloads of materials/information that make it hard to digest and even create a somewhat chaotic or disorganized experience.

Further, different managers can create their own onboarding making it inconsistent at best.


Automate the onboarding process

Onboarding process (1)

Rhonda Pro enables exceptional and consistent onboarding experiences.

Build an onboard workflow that you easily setup:  Send information at different intervals

Run an optional pulse asking new hires how their first day, week or month went, and course correct as needed!

Employee Life Cycle  (COMING SOON)

When employees first get hired, that’s the time employers put on their best effort.   But as time goes on, many things get forgotten. 

With Rhonda Pro’s Employee Life Cycle module, you can build a cadence to communicate important events or milestones and gather feedback as well.

Automate Important Employee Milestones


Automate communication and feedback at the right time!  With the Employee Life Cycle module, you can:

Set up regular communications, check-ins, annual trainings, anniversary messages, and much more.

Setup per employee or per group (marketing, sales, engineering, etc)

Skill Builder

Create a Skill for Employees to Easily Learn

Training employees just got a lot easier with Rhonda. Create and customize specific skills you require your team to learn. Create it once and send it anytime an employee needs to learn the skill.

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