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A free solution to improve your company culture.
For small teams or groups wanting to test Rhonda's features.

Rhonda can transform your company culture 

Pulses & Surveys

Pulses & Surveys give you the ability to poll your employees to gauge how they feel about a particular topic.  You have full flexibility of the frequency which you want to conduct a pulse whether one-time, every day, weekly or monthly.  You decide what’s best for your company. 

This is the best way to stay in tune with the pulse of your organization and of course, you can set up a pulse to track who should act if a not-so-positive response comes in.

Easily setup your pulse


You can easily setup your pulse by giving your pulse a name, selecting a template and deciding if you want the pulse to be anonymous or not.


Setup a one-time pulse or a recurring daily, weekly or monthly pulse.

Fill in the questions you want to ask.

Decide how you want to send the pulse via Email or the Rhonda mobile app. You can also send a pulse via SMS, which is included free for  60 days! It’s that simple.

Watch the tutorial to learn more about how to send a pulse.


Get the big picture

MicrosoftTeams-image (36)

Review the results in the Rhonda dashboard – see the summary of all pulses or drill in to see a specific one. 

Note: If the pulse is anonymous, you will not see the names of responders

Take Action

People Smiling

Rhonda can notify you if a member on your  team submits a negative response. This will allow you to quickly speak with the employee, and figure out why they submitted a low response, and what you can do to help. 

After you review the overall results on your dashboard, you can determine what you need to improve in your company to improve your culture.

Read our blog for tips!

Ask Rhonda

Ask Rhonda is an AI answer desk for your company to answer questions that employees ask frequently ask. Answering employee queries takes up a large portion of HR work hours. Often, you may find yourself answering the same question multiple times and guiding employees through similar scenarios over and over.

This is where Ask Rhonda shines. You can quickly and easily setup virtually any topic that you need for your company. 

Set Questions and Answers for Different Topics


You can quickly and easily setup virtually any topic that you need for your company.  Rhonda also comes with a set of pre-defined topics to jumpstart your setup.

Employees can access Ask Rhonda through the free Rhonda mobile app. It's easy to use and available 24/7. Employees can ask Rhonda any questions you have pre-set, otherwise Rhonda can direct them to another member on your team.


Feedback Tracking

One of the most important features of Rhonda is the Feedback Tracker.  When a non-anonymous pulse or survey goes out and someone gives a low rating, Rhonda automatically creates a ticket and assigns a “task” to the appropriate owner making sure the low-rating gets addressed accordingly.

Rhonda has an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive feedback tracker to quickly follow-up on low feedback scores and take action!

Track Feedback

All the pulses/ surveys you have sent are available to you for a more in depth review. Select the project you'd like to view feedback for and any low ratings/ negative feedback will be available for you to easily see.

rhonda lite feedback tracker screenshot

Take Action and Make a Difference

If there is a negative response, you can keep track of tasks you need to complete to remediate the issue, and write comments to indicate the activities associated with remediation. This allows you to truly make a difference and always be able to easily keep track of negative responses and your actions.


Real-Time Dashboard

Want to know how your company is trending in overall sentiment?  Or quickly see all the pulses sent and participate rate?  Rhonda's dashboard makes it simple to see the results  or export the data to Excel for further analysis.

Get an Overview with Powerful Analytics

  • View all conversations, who responded, who didn't
  • Detect trends and behaviour changes
  • Real-time triggers to enable immediate action
  • Responder Report

It’s easy to track how your company is doing with Rhonda!