Rhonda for Customers

Use Rhonda to regularly check-in with new or longstanding clients to continually collect data regarding the customer experience with your product or service.

Rhonda’s scalable platform engages with your customers as frequently as you choose, on subjects that matter most to you.


Customer Pulse Check 

This customer service checkpoint uses Rhonda’s Pulse feature to ask customers to rate their experience pertaining to the purchase of your product or service. These metrics can be used to promote the overall satisfaction of customers or to identify areas of improvement. 

Describe Your Brand 

Use Rhonda to ask your customers to describe how they feel about a brand, product, or experience in their own words. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Rhonda is able to aggregate this data and present it in a way where you can see real-time feedback as described by your customers.

Keywords that are used more often and are more popular within the responses are highlighted in a dashboard to receive an instant description of how your brand is perceived. Detailed reports highlight the complete feedback by user and by question. This data can be leveraged to manage brand reputation, promote customer successes, and identify areas of improvement.

Ongoing Monthly Engagement Sequence 

Companies can create a regular Rhonda outreach of Pulse Checks, Actionable data gathering and Broadcasts to get feedback and provide additional information. These communications can range from measuring customer experience, finding out what products and services customers enjoy and providing updates on product offerings, discounts or invitations to exclusive activities. 

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