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Renison University uses Rhonda to attract new students

Company Overview

Renison University College is an affiliated university college of the University of Waterloo and located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Renison focuses its academic work in three primary areas: Social Engagement and Innovation; Global Engagement through Languages and Cultures; and Community Engagement through the offering of non-degree program and praxis-based learning related to various degrees. 

HubSpot Video

Hear from Grant Leach, Director of Marketing and Recruitment, on how Rhonda is uniquely helping his university to attract and engage students in a travel-challenged time. 


We are thrilled to be using Rhonda to increase the engagement with our future students. It has helped us to engage with a diversity of students to ensure they’re happy and have all the relevant information they need to continue their educational journey. With Rhonda now engaging with our community, our team is able to focus more time on tasks that drive real value.

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Grant Leach

Director of Marketing & Recruitment


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Connecting with students in native language

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Would have to send staff overseas to target market. High costs of air travel and accommodation

How Rhonda Helped


Getting critical information required from student, in order to curate study plan and get students to come and  become students at the English Language institute.


Students can instantly began communicating with Rhonda through a QR code, and Rhonda quickly gets information required so that student can get the support needed


Cost saving, streamlines processes, and makes things easier and more engaging for future students.