Rhonda Partner Program.

Rhonda.ai empowers companies to deliver exceptional experiences to employees in an interactive and measurable way. Power your business with Rhonda in your toolkit and include our leading AI-driven engagement and performance measurement platform as a key differentiator, competitive advantage and potential game-changer for your business.

Our best partners are companies and individuals who provide products or services designed to improve and optimize an employee or customer experience. These include:

  • Human resource professionals
  • Professional services firms
  • Technology companies
  • Staffing and recruiting firms
  • Independent consultants

How does it work & what are the benefits?

There 2 ways to partner with Rhonda

Step 1) Sign up to find out more. 

Step 2) Choose your referral benefit: 

Cash Referral Bonus!
For every customer you refer to Rhonda, you receive a referral bonus! Yes, we pay cash for customers who sign up with Rhonda. Extra bonuses are available if your referral signs up for a prepaid annual term! 

Exclusive Discount
Your customers have access to an exclusive discount that will be applied to their purchase price. Plus, we will keep you in the loop when your customer signs on and send you a token of appreciation.  

You do the referral. We’ll take great care of your customers. You get rewarded.  It’s that simple! 

Your customers and Rhonda

Rhonda is ideal for the organization that has made an investment in HR and wishes to achieve a more effective method of engagement by providing interactive and measurable employee experiences that improve individual, team and company performance. 

With Rhonda, your customer can: 

  • Measure their company culture score and use it to attract top talent 
  • Identify and address employee issues before they escalate 
  • Have a real-time pulse on employee satisfaction 
  • Quickly notify employees about time-sensitive information or instructions 
  • Gather feedback and data in a meaningful, interactive and measurable way. 

If your customers are looking for a solution to increase engagement, measure results and improve performance, Rhonda is a great fit.

How do we support you? 

When you sign up as a Rhonda partner, you gain access to all of the tools and support you need to be successful. This includes: 

  • Exclusive partner welcome package (real not just digital) 
  • Digital Rhonda Sales Kit 
  • Monthly partner newsletter 
  • Notifications for every successful referral that turns into a sale
  • Dedicated partner representative to answer any Rhonda questions you may have 

Plus you get a sweet discount of your own if you want to use Rhonda in your toolkit or internally with employees in your company! 

Sign up now to learn more and get started with Rhonda!