Reduce the Risk and Flatten the Curve with a Healthy Workforce. Learn how Rhonda can support.

Latest News. is Reducing Risk & Flattening the Curve with AI-Driven COVID-19 Workforce Readiness Assessment and Planning

Ottawa, CANADA, May 5, 2020 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Ottawa-based AI technology firm, a division of IMI, announces today the Workforce Readiness and Planning module powered by to empower organizations to engage employees to reduce the risk and flatten the curve by creating a healthy and safe workplace for frontline workers, essential services, entire workforces and customers.

3 Lessons We Learned Working Remotely During a Pandemic

Like many companies, the Rhonda team was quickly pushed into a new reality we weren’t particularly familiar with. COVID-19 has forced companies to make drastic changes and have ultimately imposed an entire digital transformation. Working remotely has become our new “normal”. Here are 3 lessons the team has learned over the past 6 weeks that we would love to share with you.