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Take Rhonda with you everywhere.                                                Know how your employees are doing anytime.

Rhonda Home Screen on iOS in iphone
Rhonda in iphone (3 screen view)


Rhonda right in your pocket

The Rhonda mobile app lets all your employees have quick and easy access to Rhonda’s key features in one easy-to-use app. You can respond to pulses, find answers via Ask Rhonda and much more. Download it today to make the most of Rhonda!

Rhonda's Top Features

- in one place

and more features coming soon!

Pulses & Surveys@4x


Run a daily or weekly pulse to receive insightful responses to measure employee sentiment.

Ask Rhonda@4x

Ask Rhonda

Rhonda can quickly answer any company related question. No need to wait for HR.



Powerful automation and analytics to view and act on the feedback you receive.

Instructions for Download

  1. Download the TestFlight app. This is an app used by Apple to test beta apps before they are available in the app store.


  2. Once TestFlight is installed, go back to to Safari and click “Start Testing” to install Rhonda. Alternatively, you can click the “Download” button on this page again.

  3. Enter the login information that was sent to you via email.
  1. Download the beta version of Rhonda through Google Drive.

  2. If a pop-up appears, select “Open With Chrome” or “Open With Drive”.

  3. You will be presented with several security warnings, but do not be concerned, the Rhonda app is completely safe to download. Allow the download to proceed.

  4. When the installation option is presented, click “Install”.

  5. Open the Rhonda App and enter your credentials sent to you via email. You may need to open the app from your Files app on your Android device.


Why isn’t this app on the Apple and Google app store, why do I download it from here?

The Rhonda app is currently in beta (test mode) and until it is released into production, you must install it from this location.  We are putting all the finishing touches on it and it will be available from the Apple and Google app store as soon as we ship the finished version of Rhonda (Fall 2021).

Do I need to be concerned that I am getting warnings when in install the app, is it unsafe?

No – This is a test version and it is safe to download on your mobile device. Android devices provide warnings as standard protocol, if you download anything that is not from the Play Store.

When the final version is available in the Apple and Google app store, how do I upgrade?

We will notify you when the finished version is available and at that time, you will simply need to remove the test version of Rhonda and then install the finished version from the app stores.

If I run into a problem, what should I do?

Email us at if you encounter any issues while using the Rhonda app. This will help us know what we need to improve!

Does the Rhonda app have the all the same features as Rhonda on the web?

The app is for employees of your organization to easily use Rhonda – respond to Pulses or Surveys, use the Ask Rhonda, see how they have responded to previous pulses/surveys and more.  It does not however, provide all the admin tools to setup pulses/surveys, configure Ask Rhonda or see the dashboard of the entire organizational results from Rhonda.