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Getting Started Tutorials

Welcome to Rhonda! We have created several tutorials that will help jumpstart your experience with Rhonda so you can make the most of the features and improve your company culture!


Rhonda demo

Learn the full power of Rhonda  with its breakthrough pulses, Ask Rhonda, automation, feedback tracker and much more.

Video Length:  9:38

How to setup your employees in Rhonda

Learn how to add your employees quickly so Rhonda can start interacting with them.  You will see how easy it is to add employees manually or import from a list of employees that you already have or exported from your HR system.  

Video Length:  3:53



How to create your own pulse or survey

Pulses & Surveys are one of the hallmark features of Rhonda.  Learn how to setup your first pulse or survey in minutes.  This powerful feature lets you ask your employees or team how they are doing such as “How’s your week going” or “How’s working from home going”?  It will give you valuable insight to know if you are creating an exceptional place to work!

Video Length:  10:14

How to setup and customize Ask Rhonda

Ask Rhonda is an AI answer desk for your company to answer questions that employees ask frequently ask.  Learn how to setup your own Rhonda Assistant and the topics you want Rhonda to answer so you can save hours manually asking repetitive questions that employees ask!

Video Length:  8:19



The Rhonda Dashboard & Analytics

Quickly learn how to see how your company is trending.  How did your latest pulses/surveys go?  See why employees may have reported a low score and who is responsible for following up.

Video Length:  2:27

Rhonda Mobile App demo

The Rhonda mobile app is the best way for your employees to interact, respond and use Rhonda.  Available for iOS or Android, you will learn how simple, yet powerful this app will be for your employees.

Video Length:  3:43



How to use the Feedback Tracker

Learn how to user the feedback tracker, create “tickets” and assign tasks to ensure accountability.  Learn how to assign feedback if a low score is given by an employee in a pulse, survey or skill. 

Video Length:  4:30