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Rhonda is a game-changer for our customers

Hear how Rhonda helped businesses like yours improve their employee experience.


Kivuto leverages data gained from Rhonda to make better decisions for their employees

Employees' opinions are really valued at Kivuto and they want to ensure they take their employees into consideration when making company decisions. Rhonda provides Kivuto with meaningful data necessary to do so.

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Rhonda helps Score Promotions migrate to remote work

Many companies are underprepared when making the shift to a remote/hybrid workplace. Rhonda helped Score Promotions make the transition easier by communicating with employees at scale and getting their feedback.

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Renison College University uses Rhonda to attract new students 

In the past, Renison College relied heavily on interpreters and physical travel to communicate with potential students. They found a creative way to use Rhonda to reach inquiring students and make it easier to onboard them to their school.

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