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Ask Rhonda

Automatically answer employee questions

Ask Rhonda is an easy-to-use 24/7 answer desk where your employees can always go to answer common questions such as "how do I change my direct deposit", "what is our vacation policy", "where do i go for laptop support" and much more.

Setting this up takes only a few minutes but can save your organization valuable hours.

Most importantly, Rhonda is available 24/7 to answer questions even when you're not.

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Let Rhonda answer all the questions, so you don't have to

Let's face it, you probably spend a bunch of time answering repetitive questions and further, many people ask questions after hours or in different time zones.

Automate frequently asked questions with Ask Rhonda so employees get the fastest response time and you get free up your valuable time doing things that matter most.


Ask Rhonda can save your company time and money


questions asked will save you 33 hours and $1,130

 * over a 2 month period


Use the built-in templates
or create your own

You can quickly and easily setup virtually any topic that you need for your company.  Rhonda also comes with a set of pre-defined topics to jumpstart your setup.

Employees can ask Rhonda
anytime, anywhere

Employees can access Ask Rhonda through the free Rhonda mobile app or via text messaging  (coming soon: Ask Rhonda from any browser!).

It's easy to use and available 24/7. Employees can ask Rhonda any questions you have pre-set, otherwise Rhonda can direct them to another member on your team.



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Have multiple Rhonda assistants

You can easily create multiple Ask Rhonda assistants each with its own set of topics and questions.

This is useful for larger organizations who have different groups like Corporate or Field or even different geographies like North America or Europe where you need specific topics and answers.

Track feedback. Take action! 


With the built-in feedback tracker, you can check in on employees who report negative responses, giving you the opportunity to actually do something about it, before it's too late.

Take advantage of the Ask Rhonda
benefits today!

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Able to answer questions 24/7

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Answer questions even when you're not available

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Frees up your staff to not spend valuable time asking basic repetitive questions

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Saves you time & money


See a live demo of how Rhonda will transform your company culture!

With a live demonstration, you can get a full glimpse into Rhonda's capabilities.

Not ready for the demo? Read the Book of Rhonda or Download the Fact sheet

The book of Rhonda gives a quick overview of everything Rhonda is about. Learn about Rhonda's creation and features. 

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