3 Digital Assistant Trends in 2021

AI technology has been growing rapidly this past year and we all witnessed a digital transformation that none of us could have predicted. As we transitioned to work from home and watched an economic crisis emerge alongside the global pandemic. Digital assistants have proven to be an aid to businesses across the globe.

AI technology was forced to develop quickly and Rhonda is paving the way to provide AI-powered solutions to leadership teams and professionals everywhere. Digital assistants use machine learning to capture workforce data as well as perform repetitive operational tasks.

Let’s dive into some of the trends coming up in 2021 and what we can expect to see from digital assistant technology this coming year.

Prioritizing Human-Centricity
The Covid epidemic is the largest humanitarian disruption of our generation. Businesses needed to opt-in to provide a virtual workspace quickly to continue business as usual and leaders now know that digital assistance is necessary. Monitoring employee engagement, productivity, and creating a remote culture is at the forefront of business prioritization going into the new year.

AI is adapting to provide leaders with the valuable insight they need to grow their business virtually. Rhonda already is engaging with workforces and capturing data around the clock to help leaders understand their peoples’ sentiment rate, engagement rate, and workforce readiness.

Hybrid Workspaces
Working virtually this year has opened the door to employees now expecting more flexible working arrangements from companies. Businesses will need to evolve to meet this new employee demand by providing hybrid workspaces and retain their top talent.

This hybrid/blended workspace model will mean work-from-home (WFH) flexibility and effective communication strategies. AI technology is expected to see exceptional growth in 2021 to provide businesses with digital workspace solutions. Some of these virtual solutions can include project management tools, learning management system (LMS) tools, and multi-channel communication tools.

Frontline Tech Support
One thing we’ve learned in 2020 is that frontline workers need AI’s support. This new year, frontline staff will be able to start benefiting from technology’s rapid development and get the support they’ve been waiting for. Digital assistant technology is exploding beyond people management into asset management and pushing the envelope with organizational connectivity.

In 2021, our team is looking to deepen and strengthen Rhonda’s features and provide leaders with an AI assistant who can support both areas – managing everything from people to assets. Rhonda will be able to provide leaders with a digital landscape and help expedite business growth from anywhere.

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