Remote Hiring – How to Hire from a Distance with Rhonda

This year has brought a new set of challenges to organizations and has forced many businesses to operate from a distance. With more companies shifting to a work-from-home (WFH) model, they are actually opening themselves up to top talent they may not have previously looked at. In turn, WFH opportunities provide job seekers a chance to apply to positions that otherwise had personal obstacles such as commute times or job relocation.

The industries facing major remote hiring hurdles are the ones where workers are still required on the frontlines, such as health institutions, manufacturing, and hospitality. As well, a whopping 60% of our economies workers are categorized within these industries – which have faced severe restrictions, staffing shortages, or shutdowns throughout the Great Lockdown, and many of whom are still out of work today.

How do we hire new talent from a distance?”

With Rhonda Hire, you will be able to track applicants in one systematic area, develop pre-screening questionnaires to qualify pools of candidates, set-up remote interviews with hiring managers, and review hiring data on one simple dashboard.

Application Tracking
Once employers have synced their ATS system with Rhonda and imported the job list, they can access, store, and view job applicants in one easy-to-use area. Within each job, employers will be able to see how many people have applied, been pre-screened, shortlisted for an interview, and submitted for onboarding or hire.

Hiring managers can also search for specific candidates as they move through the businesses’ hiring process by filtering search results. Filtering can be based on name, application date, email, phone number, or by any customized tags created and attached to the pre-screening skill.

Candidate Pre-Screening Automation
Pre-screening candidates is a great way to narrow large applicant pools. This can also help hiring teams be more efficient and focus on the qualified candidates moving through the pipeline. When creating the pre-screening questionnaire (aka. skill), employers have the ability to customize pre-screening questions that suit the companies brand and hiring needs.

Once the pre-screening questions have been created, employers can attach points, embed customized tags, and set up email notifications. As well, setting up passing grades within the pre-screening shortlist will help to quickly identify which candidates have provided the desired answers to fit your role.

Set-Up Interview Automation
Rhonda’s automation builders amalgamate together to assist hiring managers with repetitive operational tasks. Managers can plan out their schedule and block off time slots when they will be available for interviews.

The automation builder also allows employers to sequence skills/communication, set up notifications, launch quick actions, and build a workflow that synergizes with their hiring process. This can include sending out zoom or interview invites where candidates have the option to choose a time slot that works best for them. Once a time slot has been established, hiring managers can set up automated triggers to send out confirmation and reminder messages leading up to the scheduled interview.

Rhonda Hire Analytics Dashboard
At the end of the day, employers need the metrics that matter to push their businesses forward. This is why our team has created a simplified analytics dashboard where employers can analyze their hiring data and get the insights they need to be successful.

How to Make Remote Work, Work.

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