Start Your Week on the Right Foot and Make Peace with Monday’s!

Monday’s are everyone’s least favorite day of the week, typically the least productive, and ultimately unavoidable. However, there are ways to stop having the Monday Blues and finally make peace with them! You can reverse the trend and start having a positive, healthy start to your work weeks. After all, a new week means new opportunities, and by following our 6 tips to make Monday’s easier, you’ll be able to get after those goals! 

6 tips to make Monday’s easier:

1. Make a list the Friday before:
Before jetting off for the weekend, be sure to set time aside every Friday to reflect over the week and make a list of priorities for the week ahead. Creating a list and knowing what the next week is going to look like will help you to further relax during your time off and keep the “Sunday Scaries” at bay.


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2. Create an everyday morning routine:
You’ve probably heard this time and time again, but successful people stick to a morning routine. Start by picking one or two habits that really identify with you and do those. Perhaps for you, it’s getting in an early yoga session, taking your pet for a walk, meditating, or cooking a nutritious breakfast.

3. Have a nightly game plan:
Just like morning routines, setting yourself up for success the night before, is equally as important. Prep your lunch and set a timer on your coffee machine for the next day, lay out your outfit, and stick to a consistent bedtime.

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4. Make Monday your treat/cheat day:
Have a strict gym-regimen? Trying a new diet? Most people use Saturday or Sunday as their cheat day, but if you switch it to Mondays instead it’ll spread out the joy and give you something to look forward to each new week. If you don’t need a cheat day, use Monday to treat yourself! Buy yourself a coffee instead of packing one, go out for lunch, or buy the scarf you’ve been eyeing at the shop down the street from your office.

5. Recharge over the weekend:
Recharging doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on your couch all weekend and binge-watching the new Haunting of Bly Manor series. Try to do something that’s productive for your soul. Try a DIY project, create a piece of art or journal, or even just get outside for a few hours. Reconnecting with nature has a lot of psychological benefits including reducing stress/anxiety and improving your memory and ability to focus.

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6. Give yourself time to socialize:
Take 15-30 minutes each Monday morning to socialize and catch up with your colleagues. This is especially important during this pandemic and what Slack and Teams are designed for! Reach out to your colleagues and ask how their weekend was or what they got up to. Connecting with your colleagues and forming friendships will make working a happier and more enjoyable experience.

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