Rhonda.ai is Reducing Risk & Flattening the Curve with AI-Driven COVID-19 Workforce Readiness Assessment and Planning

Ottawa, CANADA, May 5, 2020 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Ottawa-based AI technology firm Rhonda.ai, a division of IMI, announces today the Workforce Readiness and Planning module powered by Rhonda.ai to empower organizations to engage employees to reduce the risk and flatten the curve by creating a healthy and safe workplace for frontline workers, essential services, entire workforces and customers.

“Extending Rhonda’s capabilities to workforce readiness planning is a logical step in the evolution of our AI platform. By gathering information about whether an employee is symptomatic, has travelled outside their region or has come into contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19, Rhonda is able to engage, provide support and resources to employees and report on workforce readiness in real-time analytics and dashboard,” says Anastasia Valentine, Vice President of AI Technology Commercialization, Rhonda.ai. “Having instant insight for management to identify how many available and unavailable workers is instrumental in the strategic allocation of resources and business continuity planning.”

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the way people work and live and on our professional and personal lives. In this unprecedented time, companies are faced with serious business challenges they had not planned for, including a sudden shift to remote work, shutting down job sites and even closing their doors. Organizations are concerned about reopening with a healthy workforce. Employees are expecting to return to work in a healthy and safe environment. Customers want assurance that they are interacting with healthy workers. This latest innovation from Rhonda.ai provides the tools to deliver a reliable back to work plan while instilling confidence in leadership, employees and the people they serve.

“The return to work is a massive undertaking for any company and must be done strategically with the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, partners and the business in mind.” says Rudi Asseer, CEO IMI  “Business and HR leaders can leverage a reliable, data-driven approach using Rhonda.ai to create a strategic return to work plan that reduces the risk to employers, employees and their customers and continues to flatten the curve.” 

To assist with the back to work transition or to continue determining the availability of essential services, Rhonda.ai’s Workforce Readiness and Assessment module is available to organizations for FREE for 30 days. To get started with a 30-day pilot, visit www.rhonda.ai/backtowork/.

About Rhonda.ai

Founded in 2016, Rhonda.ai is the Innovation division of IMI People, creating exceptional experiences that improve company culture and performance. Rhonda is a digital persona and artificial intelligence platform designed to engage people the way they communicate and work best while delivering unique insights using people analytics. As a result, Rhonda empowers companies to instantly measure culture score and engagement as organizational KPI’s, quickly identify issues and proactively solve problems before they happen and continually engage employees, customers and communities. To learn more and to meet Rhonda, visit us at rhonda.ai.

About IMI

Founded in 1998, IMI is the largest installation company in North America, delivering technical resources and solutions to the supply chain industry. Offering turnkey installation talent and OEM product deployment in fields such as manufacturing, supply chain, automation and robotics, IMI has qualified, trained and deployed thousands of technicians throughout North America and has worked with some of the world’s most progressive Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. For more information, visit  imipeople.com.


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