4 Steps Your Company Should Take NOW to Prepare for the Return to Work

At some point, all organizations will face the reality that it’s time to leave home and venture back into the workplace. This decision will most likely be frightening, stressful, and unpredictable. This reality will look different for all types of industries; however, we are certain the following 4 steps should immediately be adopted by all organizations to ensure a safe and successful return to work.

  1. New Safety Measures

Whether your organization has transitioned to widespread remote work, or you are deemed an essential business, new safety measures without a doubt need to be implemented NOW, so that the transition to the “new normal” is as seamless as possible.

As an employer, it is your duty to provide a safe work environment for your workforce and your customers. Preparing now will help you determine your processes so when your business opens, the expectations are clear, and you will be able to operate effectively.

By implementing new safety measures, you will be doing your part in the community to continue the priority of flattening the curve. Here are various safety measures recommended by the Centre for Disease Control regarding COVID-19 and businesses.

  1. Collect Physical Health Assessment Data

Whether or not your doors are currently open to the public, how are you ensuring that your employees are physically healthy?

With the Rhonda COVID-19 Workforce Readiness Assessment Module, Rhonda communicates with your workforce on a daily basis regarding symptoms, lifestyle, travel, daily interactions, and much more. These detailed questions track the health of your employees, so you are equipped with the necessary data when planning your integration of employees back into the workplace.

Not only are you empowered by this data, but you will also witness real-time visualizations of the readiness of your workforce. If you are a large organization with global offices, Rhonda will provide you with instant insight into workforce resource availability and readiness on a geographic heat map.

  1. Mental Wellness Check-Ins

The COVID-19 pandemic can cause stress and anxiety because it is disrupting normal life for many people all at once. More than likely your employees have had to adapt to working remotely, temporarily losing their job, or working fewer hours than regular.

With Rhonda, you can routinely check-in on the mental health of employees, allowing you to catch and act upon an unhappy, stressed employee before they burnout.  

Not only can you check-in, but you can recommend different stress techniques via Rhonda’s engagement feature. Taking a one-minute break here and there throughout your workday to close your eyes and breathe can have tremendous effects on your stress and productivity levels.

  1. Communicate

Your team, your customers, and potentially your government will all want to know the safety measures you will have in place when your business opens up.

The best thing you can be in times like these is transparent. Your workforce and your customers will appreciate your effort to communicate the measures taken to protect their wellbeing and you will simultaneously ease their stress and anxiety levels. Tell your employees via Rhonda all the efforts you are making to keep their health and safety a top priority.

Inform your customers that you are using a platform named Rhonda to relaunch your operations safely and with confidence. They will be more likely to support your organization, knowing that you care for the wellbeing of your employees AND their own health as well.

At Rhonda, we are here to support your back to work efforts. We strive to enable companies like yours to plan a data-driven, reliable approach to returning to work with a healthy workforce.

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