Make the Most of Your Company Culture Score


Sentiment is an ideal KPI to use to gain insight into how a specific group is feeling. In Rhonda’s Industry Culture Score and Sentiment Map Report, Rhonda was able to gauge the sentiment of employees across multiple industries as it relates to how they would rate the culture overall for their industry. As a result, Rhonda has been able to deliver a Culture Score for each industry based on data submitted by people who are employed in that industry. This is an extremely valuable tool for business leaders, executives, managers, and employees to review the overall culture score of their industry and where necessary, take action to improve the sentiment.

Below are the descriptions of sentiment scores and recommended action items for those in the industry who are leading the way to improve their respective industry culture scores. Ratings have been grouped into three distinct categories including Positive, Moderate/Indifferent, and Negative Sentiments.


A culture score rating of 4 is good, and a 5 is considered awesome.

Congratulations! Industries that obtained a culture score of 4 or 5 have earned their sentiment rating and developed a great culture with happy employees. Keep engaging and delivering a great work experience for your teams!

There is always room for improvement. Consider digging deeper to find out what makes your employees happy about doing the work they do and about the industry in which they work. If your industry scored a 4, it is worth finding out from your employees what it would take for them to rate a 5, and work towards achieving it. A culture score of 4 or 5 indicates you have strong retention and connect with your employees. These scores could mean you have a work environment that is engaging and provides opportunities for advancement plus some great benefits. Find out from your employees how they would rate each of those factors individually to determine where your organization could improve.

Employees who scored your organization as a 4 or 5 are great ambassadors for your organization and brand. Consider providing opportunities for those employees to represent your company, whether it be showcasing your products and services or recruiting top talent! Don’t forget to consider the employees who may have given a culture score of under 5. Even though your organization scored high, it is worth reaching out to employees who may not be satisfied to find out how you can support them score higher in the future.


A culture score of 3 is an indicator that there is room for improvement. In some cases, this could be a result of employees feeling indifferent about their workplace culture, which could be indicative of other issues.

While achieving a culture score of 3 doesn’t signal great or negative sentiment, it is an indicator that the status quo has been reached. In this scenario, it is worth determining where on the rating of 3 your industry scored. If you are in the high 3’s, between 3.7 or 3.9, this is a reliable indicator that your organization is making strides to create an engaging and positive workplace. If, however, the rating is on the lower 3 scale as a 3.3 to 3.1, it could be an indicator that the sentiment has the potential of being negative very quickly.

Even though your industry achieved a culture score of 3, your organization can rally employees to measure company sentiment. By determining the culture score for your own company, you can see where your organization scores as it relates to the rest of the industry and take appropriate action as a result. You may find that your organization scored a 4 or even a 5 while the overall industry is a 3. This would be great news and can be leveraged for talent management, attraction, and retention. If you find your organization is scoring around or lower than the industry score, it should signal a more in-depth engagement strategy with your employees to find out what can be improved and how your company can earn a score a 4 or 5 in the future.


A culture score of 2 or 1 is negative. It signals a change that is required at a team, organization and industry level to improve the satisfaction and sentiment of employees in that industry.

If your industry is in the 1 or 2 culture score range, the rating can be leveraged as an opportunity for your organization to differentiate and deliver an unparalleled positive employee environment that will attract and retain top talent and create an environment where employees feel valued and heard.

If your industry achieved a culture score of 1 or 2, your organization could use this opportunity to engage your employees to measure company sentiment. This action in itself goes a long way to employees feeling that their voice matters and that their opinion is valued. You may find that your organization scored a 3 or a 4 while the overall industry is a 1 or 2.

A higher than industry standard sentiment rating is good news and can be leveraged for strategic planning to improve company culture, talent management, attraction, and retention. If you find your organization scores at or lower than this level of industry culture score, it should signal a more in-depth engagement strategy with your employees. Find out what can be improved from the top level of management through to front line employees and transform your company so it can earn a higher culture score in the near future.

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