Build Positive Culture with Remote Workers

Transitioning to a remote workforce, whether it is gradually or instantly has its challenges, but it also has its opportunities.  Over the last few weeks, the Rhonda team has been working diligently with companies to engage, inform and keep teams and entire workforces connected. 

Here are some ways companies can engage their teams and how Rhonda can help: 

Keeping the Pulse on Employee Wellbeing 

Having visibility into how your workforce is feeling provides your company with the insight and tools to create the resources and support for employees who have transitioned to a remote work environment. Doing a pulse check weekly (or more often) is a great way to empower the employees to provide feedback on how they are feeling on a 1 (being meh) to 5 (stellar) scale. Rhonda’s people analytics will tell you if your organization or individual employees are struggling and may need additional support. Over time you can identify trends in employee sentiment and engagement and correlate them to business activities or external impacts on the team or individual. 

Targeted 1:1 Outreach & Extra Support 

In the event an employee, team or part of your organization responds to a pulse-check with a low rating of a 1 or a 2 for example, management or HR is notified so they can offer additional support. In this way, does a human handoff, so the group or individual can get the help they need promptly before things escalate. Addressing issues quickly and timely, especially in a remote work situation where people can begin to feel isolated and alone is extremely important to keep the workforce happy and productive. 

Broadcasting Timely Information 

Things are changing rapidly and sometimes even on an hourly basis. Communicating timely information about your business, policy changes, health coverage, and announcements to your workforce where they are, when they need it and at scale is critical in these challenging times.

Fun Challenges 

Employers can engage their employees and gamify the experience. Challenges encourage your employees to have a little bit of fun while they are working from home and still feel part of the team. Some examples of fun challenges are: 

  • 5000 Steps Day – Creative ways to stay active and even get your steps in, while working from home 
  • Fur Work Buddies – Share your fur buddy photos with the team! 
  • Daily Motivation – Motivational quotes to keep the team inspired 
  • Team Connections – No missed connections here, connect with your team at least twice a day 
  • Crazy Hat Day – Are we back in kindergarten? No, but there is nothing wrong with a little fun. Plus photo sharing at its finest! 
  • Reach Out & Get to Know Someone – Connect to an employee on another team or in another location you haven’t met before 

Work from Home Tips 

Working from home is new for many employees, and with everyone at home, boundaries can get blurred and sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as anticipated. Daily work from home tips delivered to your team will help them cope with topics like time management, organization, teamwork, work-life balance and more. Send a tip every day to support your remote teams. 

A Health SelfAssessment 

Empower your workforce to take a self-assessment of any symptoms and direct them to the right resources. Create a series of questions that enable them to make a determination to seek medical care, assistance with their mental health and to provide the proper support based on company benefits, government and community resources. 

Trivia Games 

Our CEO did a trivia game using Rhonda at a recent conference, unbeknownst to us. The results were fantastic and resulted in 100% participation. Consider doing a Trivia game with your team to learn more about your company, product, atopic of interest or even strange facts. It’s a great way to wind down the week on a fun and positive note. Oh, and don’t forget to offer a prize at the end for the winners! 

These are only some of the options you have available when using Rhonda to engage in office and remote workforce. Sign up for a 30-day, free pilot today to keep your team engaged, informed and connected. 

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