Moments of Joy During a Pandemic.

Things are not great, but people still are. The team at knew it was important to shed light on the heartwarming, much-needed moments emerging across the world. Beyond the serious stories you and I are continuously reading in the news, there are millions of people who are rallying together (at a distance of course!) and capturing smiles worldwide.

  1. An assisted living home in Minnesota is on lockdown due to Covid-19, this means no visitors and no leaving for any residents. This rule did not stop the daily visits between a bonded father and son.
  1. Dozens of athletes and coaches from various professional sports teams are rallying together to raise money for those who need it most during this pandemic. Several NBA players have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help compensate for the loss of wages that security personnel, stewards, catering staff and cleaners are currently facing.
  1. When the Shedd aquarium in Chicago closed as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, staff at the centre decided it was a good time to show two of their residents – Edward and Annie the penguins – the grounds.

    The two penguins toured the grounds for the first time and were exposed to dolphins and sharks on the other side of the glass and the staff’s reception areas for a wander.
  1. Across the world, tens of thousands of brave, retired nurses and doctors have willingly stepped up to the front lines to do their part during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  1. In Spain, residents of an apartment building are not accepting quarantine as an excuse for not exercising. A trainer in Seville leads a building-wide workout from a rooftop. Maybe he’s onto a new trend?
  1. Sign-up sheets much like the one below are being posted in apartment buildings and circulated around neighborhoods offering to help more vulnerable neighbours, like seniors and those with underlying health conditions, and seeking other neighbours who are less compromised to help those individuals out.
  1. The people of Italy have taken to their balconies to sing songs in solidarity. The Good News Movement Instagram account shared this video of a Friday night balcony dance party in Milan where locals were attempting to keep spirits up despite being quarantined.
  1. A couple in San Antonio was set to get married on March 21st, but due to the onset of Covid-19, they were forced to postpone the special day. The couple had already ordered flowers for their big day and decided to donate them to three assisted living facilities in an effort to spread a little cheer.
  1. In the UK, seniors at Bryn Celyn Care Home play a real-life hungry hippo game to entertain themselves during the quarantine.  
  1. Wondering what you are going to cook for dinner tonight? How about a Michelin-Star meal?

    World-renowned Chef Massimo Bottura is teaching free online cooking classes during this time when people are stuck at home and restaurants across the world are closed. He is calling the live streams “Kitchen Quarantine,” which takes place at 3pm ET on his official Instagram account.

It’s important to remain positive and compassionate during this pandemic. Treasure those you love most, take a moment to get outdoors to feel the wind against your skin, and most importantly keep your mind healthy and happy.

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