Rhonda Cares about Remote Workers

4 Tips to Engage Remote Employees

1. Communicate & Engage

One of our core values as a company is that Rhonda Cares. We recognize that rapidly changing to a remote workforce has its challenges and our team is here to help. We are onboarding organizations that could use the support of Rhonda’s communication platform at no cost. To get your platform rolling please connect with us here: https://www.rhonda.ai/pilot/

2. Clarify Goals

Remote employees may be at home producing but are they meeting expectations? Remote workers, just like any other employees, need clear direction of what is expected in terms of objectives and company goals.

3. Emphasize Culture

This can be a difficult thing to do when communicating virtually. Find a fun way to make employees feel like they are still part of the workplace family culture. Launch a video call with all employees and their fur babies. Or host a “show and tell” where everyone presents their at-home office space.

4. Be Available

Make sure that you are available as often as possible for impromptu meetings, chats or even re-prioritizing tasks to help others. Being responsive and available builds trust with others and gives you credibility.

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