Rhonda’s Care During COVID-19


Ottawa, CANADA, March 13, 2020 – Rhonda team assists organizations with their communications plan amongst the growing concerns surrounding COVID-19. Offering personal instances including templated solutions to 30 organizations.

In light of the growing concerns surrounding COVID-19 we understand the stress and challenge many organizations are facing regarding the communication and safety of their workforce. While countless organizations have made the decision to have their employees work remotely, it can be difficult to stay connected and informed while detached from the office.

With a mission of ‘together we help the world care for each other’, the Rhonda team knew we had to do our part to assist organizations with their communications plan. At Rhonda, we care that workforces remain connected and aware by supporting management to effectively communicate during this strenuous time. We are offering Rhonda’s communication services at no cost to the first 30 organizations that qualify for Rhonda’s care. All 30 organizations will have a personal instance including templated solutions to keep employees safe. 

In a crisis like a disease outbreak that evokes fear, and uncertainty consistent communication with employees is key to building trust.

To inquire about the free use of Rhonda’s communication services please contact us here and a Rhonda representative will be in touch soon.

*Please note that all data will be securely stored and protected and will not be shared across third parties.

About Rhonda
Founded in 2016, Rhonda.ai is the Innovation division of IMI People, creating exceptional experiences that improve company culture and performance. Rhonda is a digital persona and artificial intelligence platform designed to engage people the way they communicate and work best, while delivering unique insights using people analytics. As a result, Rhonda empowers professionals to instantly measure organizational culture scores, quickly identify issues and proactively solve problems before they happen. Rhonda is the best asset to any team to create exceptional experiences while improving company culture and performance. To learn more and to meet Rhonda, visit us at rhonda.ai. 


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