Let’s Show Employees Some Extra Love

Culture isn’t something you do after you’ve planned strategy, it is strategy. However, saying you care and showing you care are different initiatives. Celebrating your team is an important strategy for all businesses. Employee appreciation is directly correlated with job satisfaction, workplace happiness, and employee morale.

Take a short break from whatever you are doing and read our five clever ideas to care for your wonderful team.

Tailored Compliments

Let your team know how they specifically make your world better. Consider staying late to leave a personalized note at everyone’s desk, letting them know they are appreciated and valued. Try targeting one or two employees each week and sending them an enthusiastic email to let them know you are thinking of them. This small, yet private gesture will put a lasting form of validation in your employee’s hands. In addition, use Rhonda’s care tool to sporadically check-in at any time, from any location. 


Nothing says, ‘I appreciate you’, like a moist dipped donut or freshly baked cookie. Surprise your team with a delicious breakfast treat. This simple gesture will show your employees they are worth going the extra mile for.

 Hire Right

Maintaining positive company morale is a difficult task. However, upholding a motivating environment for your team proves that you undoubtedly care for them. A single toxic or unmotivated coworker will bring everyone around them down. Surround your employees with talented, engaged and positive people. Recruit thoughtfully and, when needed, be willing to make those difficult decisions.

Gamification in the Workspace

Spread employee love by adding some fun to your break room or kitchen. Bring in a foosball or ping pong table for your team to connect with one and another and get their mind off of any stress or pressure occurring in their day to day world. If table sports aren’t your thing, start a communal puzzle for employees to mentally unwind for a minute or two.  Strategically placing these fun activities in your kitchen will draw employees to relax and communicate with one another.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Rhonda’s parent company IMI People has recently implemented a new fitness initiative that is widely appreciated by everyone. They allocated a budget for all fitness-related activities. Whether you are interested in trying out a yoga class, in need of new running shoes or registering for a marathon, IMI vowed to pay the cost as long as you were keeping active and healthy. Healthy employees mean happy employees, and that means a better company.

Engaging with employees and showing you care can transform your business. Having great employees is a gift. Be sure to recognize their efforts and display your gratitude as often as possible.


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