Rhonda’s Visit to HRPA!

HRPA is Canada’s largest Human Resources Professional conference. Attendees consist of champions in the Human Resources field. These leaders are in charge of talent acquisition and management, onboarding, ongoing engagement, work with employees on corporate requests, listening and providing help during a crisis, consult to leadership on people initiatives and management, and are advocates and information sources to all the people they work with.

To say, Human Resource professionals are absolute rock stars is an understatement. Without them, we would never be able to work with the fantastic and talented people we work with, create great corporate cultures, and manage the growth of our companies. Canadian Human Resource Professionals attend the show to participate in workshops to add to their HR credentials and certification, network and learn about new technology and best practices that can help them do their jobs better.

This Was Our First Time Exhibiting At HRPA!

While team Rhonda has had the opportunity to attend the HRPA conference for years, this was the first time we exhibited to showcase Rhonda.ai and enable attendees to engage with the platform directly! You know when you go to conferences, get a well scripted and canned demo and walk away with swag? We wanted to allow our booth visitors to not only get to know our team but also try the experiential software Rhonda, in real-time.

Throughout the conference, we engaged attendees to ask them how their experience was, how they would rate specific activities like check-in, best speaker, offered drinks from Team Rhonda at the networking event and even gave nightlife recommendations for the last night of the conference. Here are some of the data results from our engagement!

In addition to that, our CEO sent some lucky attendees some HRPA trivia questions using Rhonda from our HQ. When they answered correctly, they won gift cards for a coffee from their favorite barista!

It goes to show you that engagement, especially employee engagement can be fun, and people enjoy giving their opinions, especially when it is super easy to do using the phone and email that you use every day. (not another app…please!)

HRPA Highlights

While we did honestly feel like we were the stars of the show alongside the HR superheroes we had the tremendous opportunity to meet, we can’t forget two of the amazing talks that inspired us!

Beating Your Bias
Writer, Advocate, & Engineer Yassmin Abdel-Magied 

Yassmin Abdel-Magied has already led an extraordinary life, breaking down stereotypes, facing adversity and rising above biases and racism. Throughout a series of wardrobe changes and introductions to her amazing life and career, she challenged everyone to learn how to beat our own bias. She approached what could be perceived as a risqué subject, with humour, a little bit of sass and most importantly, truth. Her story inspires us to look deep into ourselves to find and diffuse the bias within and to open ourselves up to learning and understanding to create a culture of diversity and inclusivity. 

Biggest takeaway besides being incredibly moved and inspired: 

You will have an impact, so make the most of it. It is about the culture add, not only the culture fit. 

How AI Will Keep the Human In HR
Terry Hickey, Chief Analytics Officer at CIBC

The lunchtime keynote with Terry Hickey about How AI can keep the HUMAN in HR was a super important one for us from both human and AI perspective. Terry had great insights into ensuring we keep the amazing experts we have in HR to do their genius work and maintain the skills to understand why things happen. His recommendation that we completely agree with is that AI may change the way we work but it will not replace the people. We still need to be doing many of the things we are doing as HR professionals today but leverage AI and other tools to give us insights at scale or take some of the heavy lifting off our load so we can focus on the matters that need our attention most. 

AI will change the way we attract, hire, retain, the people we have within organizations.”  

The Rhonda team wishes to thank all the organizers, attendees, and exhibitors for creating such an inclusive environment where we can share ideas, learn from one another and make meaningful connections. See you all in 2021! 

In case you missed Rhonda at HRPA, you are NOT out of luck! Get started with a quick product tour here

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