Rhonda.ai Deployed with the Government of Canada as part of the Innovative Solutions Canada Program

We are thrilled to announce the acceptance and participation of Rhonda in the Innovative Solutions Canada program (formerly Built in Canada Program) that matches technology developers to government and public sector departments. The program is ultra-competitive and requires compliance with the 9 points of Technology Readiness Levels (TRL’s) established by the Government of Canada and encourages Canadian made technology adoption throughout the public sector.

Through the Innovative Solutions Canada program, a wide range of government departments can deploy and test Rhonda, including federal government departments and other public sector organizations. Acceptance into the Innovative Solutions Canada program further validates the need for improved employee engagement, increased workforce performance, and data-driven human resources practices with real-time people analytics.

With our first successful deployment well underway, Rhonda is opening the opportunity to leverage our new platform modules as part of the Innovation Solutions Canada program, including:

  • Rhonda Care – Sentiment Analysis, Workforce Engagement and Performance 
  • Rhonda Virtual Assistant – AI-Driven Information Delivery & Conversations  
  • Rhonda Work – Job Applications, Virtual Interviews and Shortlisting 
  • Rhonda Onboarding – AI-Driven Onboarding & Engagement Programs 
  • Rhonda Learning – Interactive Learning Management and Measurement

Whether a public or private organization, if you are interested in participating, we would love to have a conversation to learn more about your use cases, and discover how Rhonda can help you to: 

  • Improve employee engagement 
  • Establish and maintain a high company culture score 
  • Optimize the application and interview process and  
  • Onboard and educate your workforce. 

Contact us to learn more and get started!

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