Company Culture
Through AI.

Rhonda automates the end-to-end candidate and employee lifecycle. She engages with entire workforces daily, empowering organizations to amplify their corporate culture.


Perfect for recruiters, managers and employees.

Get a feel for how Rhonda can streamline your business by making the most tedious activities effortless.


Acquire New Talent

Use Rhonda’s bots and live chats to automatically qualify candidates. Source, screen, interview, and verify applicants in a matter of minutes.

Rhonda filters through unqualified applicants, ensuring only exceptional talent is employed. She integrates with human resource platforms to deliver rapid contract employment.

Boost Workplace Culture

Quantify the pulse of your company culture with Rhonda’s sentiment analysis and broadcasting capabilities.

Rhonda strengthens the workplace by triaging unhappy employees, surveying to detect opportunities for growth, and staying connected with your workforce from anywhere in the world. With Rhonda around, everyone stays updated, informed and engaged.

Empower Your Workforce

Rhonda supports your employees with the necessary tools to excel.

As your AI assistant, Rhonda will accelerate all HR-related processes. Through her documentations management, training modules, project management system and employee portal she will gather and organize a collection of data to have your organization functioning at its best.

Say hello to Rhonda.

Streamline your communication, engage your audience, manage your workforce at the click of a button. Your all-in-one HR automation solution is here.

Introducing, Rhonda

We are devoted to leveraging technology to automate the HR process. What’s more, Rhonda connects with and understands your indepth workforce. Rhonda works alongside your HR team and integrates with HR platforms to deliver a seamless employment operation that leaves employees and employers fulfilled.


Assists with traditional recruitment and sourcing efforts to acquire the most credentialed candidates.


Saves hours by performing automated candidate screening and bypassing unqualified leads.


Accelerates the hiring process by managing documents, forms, orientation and training.


Automate the management of your workforce while taking care of those who matter most – your employees.


Triage payroll inquiries and eliminate time-consuming phone calls.


Weekly check-ins gauge how your workforce is feeling in real-time. Hold employee satisfaction and workplace culture to its highest potential.

Rhonda transforms workforces around the world!


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