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It's time to truly know how your employees are really doing

Rhonda makes it easy and painless to quickly engage  with your employees to instantly know how they feel about their work, workplace, management, culture and actually do something about it.

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It's simple to ask how your employees are doing
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Instantly know how your employees are doing

Rhonda gives you the tools to gain rapid feedback of your team, group or organization so you instantly understand how your team is doing. 

Easy to use and quick to manage

Instantly setup pulses or surveys using SMS, email or the powerful Rhonda mobile app.


See powerful analytics to instantly respond

Quickly analyze the results and take action with the powerful automation and intuitive ticketing system.

Rhonda is here to help you improve your company culture

Rhonda makes it easy to always know how employees feel about their work/manager/culture, enables employees to ask Rhonda virtually anything to get answers quickly wherever they are, and offers powerful automation and analytics to measure and respond.

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Knowing how employees feel is more important now than ever

Employees are the backbone of every organization. Teams, groups, and organizations of all sizes have difficulty knowing how their employees truly feel about their work and most companies are simply out of touch with how their employees truly feel.

If a company does a pulse check, it is typically infrequent and not timely where adjustments may be too little, too late.

of employees across all organizations are not satisfied with their job¹

of employees even participate in surveys about employee satisfaction¹

1 – Employee Satisfaction Survey – BambooHR – June 2019


of employees across all organizations are not satisfied with their job¹


of employees even participate in surveys about employee satisfaction¹

1 – Employee Satisfaction Survey – BambooHR – June 2019

Hear from customers who love Rhonda

testimonials (1)

"Rhonda has been a breakthrough solution for us where we can immediately ask all our employees how they are doing, what management can do to improve, and more. This is now an essential tool for creating a culture of excellence."



Dina Doman
Head of Human Resources




“Rhonda is a game changer for us. We can now get real time feedback from our students on how their classes are going, what works well for them and what doesn’t, so we can make quick adjustments to ensure we offer them the best experience we can."



Michael Weiss

carleton (1)


testimonials (2)

“We are thrilled to be using Rhonda to increase the engagement with our future students. It has helped us to engage with a diversity of students to ensure they’re happy and have all the relevant information they need to continue their educational journey. With Rhonda now engaging with our community, our team is able to focus more time on tasks that drive real value.”


Grant Leach
Director of Marketing and Recruitment



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Rhonda makes it easy to respond!





Rhonda free mobile app

Create a Pulse or Survey

Instantly know how your employees feel

Pulses & Surveys give you the ability to poll your employees to gauge how they feel about a particular topic.  You have full flexibility of the frequency which you want to conduct a pulse whether one-time, every day, weekly or monthly.  You decide what’s best for your company.

See real-time results and act faster

Track the feedback and take action

Quickly see the results of an individual pulse or survey to help you know how to respond.  Automatically assign low scores to managers or designated employees to ensure accountability.

Ask Rhonda

Answers at your fingertips

Ask Rhonda is an AI-powered answer desk for your company to answer questions that employees ask frequently ask. Answering employee queries takes up a large portion of HR work hours. Often, you may find yourself answering the same question multiple times and guiding employees through similar scenarios over and over.

Quickly and easily setup virtually any topic that you need for your company.  Rhonda also comes with a set of pre-defined topics to jumpstart your setup.

See a live demo of how Rhonda will transform your company culture!

With a live demonstration, you can get a full glimpse of Rhonda's capabilities!

Not ready for the demo? Read the Book of Rhonda or Download the Fact sheet

The book of Rhonda gives a quick overview of everything Rhonda is about. Learn about Rhonda's creation and features. 

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Analytics at your fingertips

See how your trending

The Rhonda dashboard makes it simple to see the results and trends. 


Overall Employee Sentiment Score

See your weekly, monthly and yearly sentiment score to track your progress.


 Total Pulses & Responses

Quickly see all the pulses you've sent and recieve alerts for any negative responses.


Participation Rate 

Get an accurate view of the total participation for your pulses and surveys.

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Download the Mobile App 

The Rhonda Mobile App is the best way for all your employees to interact with Rhonda - download it today!


Easily respond to Pulses and Surveys


Ask Rhonda about key company information


See all your responses in one place

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