Rhonda creates exceptional experiences that improve company culture & performance.

Leverage Rhonda as a member of your team to provide experiential engagement and feedback to improve satisfaction, retention and increase your company culture score.

Meet Rhonda.

Rhonda is your trusted virtual partner. While keeping your people engaged, Rhonda supports management and executives to maintain a pulse on community sentiment. Rhonda delivers the tools to take action and improve company culture and performance.

  • Instantly calculate your company’s culture score.
  • Gain insights into community engagement.
  • Monitor community sentiment.

Optimum Communication Styles.

Rhonda supports you with the best ways to communicate, connect and engage with your team. Use the easy bot builder or leverage out of the box templates to match your company culture and communication style. Rhonda makes it easy to engage your community, gather data, and monitor culture score metrics.

Pulse Check

What is your magic question? Whether it is asking how your team rates their week or gauging the culture score of your community, you can leverage the Pulse check to pose a clear sentiment question and receive an insightful response. MAGIC!

How was your work week on a 1-5 scale?

Keep your community informed. Whether it is a prescheduled blast or time-sensitive alert, Rhonda will always keep your team up to date anywhere in the world.

Fire alarm test. All employees meet in the rendezvous point.

Rhonda loves a good conversation. Create and deliver an entire communication workflow to engage your employees, gather, and provide on-demand information.

We are doing a computer refresh for all employees. Do you prefer Mac or PC?

Rhonda works with you, where and how you work – No apps necessary.

Rhonda communicates with people in the way they work best! No new interfaces or apps required, just quick engagement that aligns with how your people communicate.

Flexible, convenient & integrated.


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